Wood Sorrel Botanical Necklace

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Often times our most wonderful discoveries are merely the recognition of what is before us – and in this case under foot! Our botanical jewelry collection was inspired by our unearthing of the usefulness of invasive weeds and pays homage to its winged cultivator.

WOOD SORREL (oxalis montana)
origin: Cosmopolitan Species
edible notes: Whole plant edible, lemony taste
nutrition: Contains vitamins A and C
in season: All year
medicinal use: Thirst quencher, diuretic, alleviates scurvy

Wood Sorrel is a lovely clover look-alike with petit yellow flowers can be found nearly everywhere. Since our ‘discovery’ of this magical little weed with it’s crisp lemony taste, we have allowed it also to invade our kitchen. We have used it as a garnish atop desserts and cookies, and have shown it off in a vase when over-plucked. It regularly shows up in our salads, and in the tummies of our chickens.

VIDEO: Presented with our Sandwich Plates

- Recycled metal
- Botanical illustration engraved into the metal
- Intaglio engraving makes excellent wax seal
- Includes 18″ oxidized silver chain
- 3 metal choices available
- Giftable letterpressed packaging with a polishing cloth



Inches: Approximately 1/2″ tall by 5/8″ wide
Metric: Approximately 13 mm tall by 16 mm wide

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