To make our wares, we gather materials from flea markets and old shoppes, abandoned houses and torn-down buildings, construction sites, yard sales, and dirty basements. Most of what we use—leather from baseball gloves and drawing-room chairs, and WWII gun slings, pages from outdated medical texts and antique seed catalogs, misplaced photographs of people long dead, fabric from bedding, aprons, window covering—is more than a century old. Every item bears marks of a not-fully-known and not-quite-finished past. 

Our products are made in the USA. Each object is ready to be gifted and packaged minimally using jute, letter pressed tags, postcards, kraft paper, manila envelopes or muslin satchels. 


We use wood from old-growth trees, which lived for many, many years packed in dense North American forests. The trees were cut down mostly in the early to mid 1800s and turned into homes. After decades of dereliction, the piles that were once homes to many and now eyesores to most, are treasures to us. We scoop up the forlorn bits and offer them a new life once again. 

Our finish is a combination of tung oil and citrus solvent. Tung oil is an all-natural drying oil made by pressing the seeds of Chinese Tung trees. The nectar of these seeds costs our wood products in organic armor. Citrus solvent comes from citrus peel and is natural alternative to paint thinner that helps cure the tung oil.

The bits of leather that cover our books are gathered willy-nilly from farms flea markets and the shoppes of cobblers, cordwainers and upholsterers across the world. leather straps and handles on our bags are WWII era military-issue gun slings. 

We use waxed canvas made of 100% cotton from a local family business for most of our dry goods and incorporate antique fabric from bedding, dresses, aprons, et cetera to add charm to the rugged canvas. 

Our metals jewels are made of recycled sterling silver and bronze. Gold available upon request.