Tereza Necklace

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Our new jewelry collection incorporates fragments of Daguerreotype and Ambrotype hinge cases from the mid-1800s that once framed faces whose names are forever lost.

When we come into contact with the past through old journals, well-worn objects, family stories, &c, we are altered by them and them by us. The same is true in the making and experiencing of objects that incorporate elements or stories from the past. What seems immutable is, by dint of our footfalls in the dusty attic, made different.

As the rings stack, new journeys unfold. With All the Names we offer the possibility to wear a fragment of someone’s history that changes yet again when a ring slips onto your finger, or a pendant around your neck.

- Recycled metal
- 24 silver chain with bronze and silver necklaces
- 24″ gold-filled chain with gold necklace
- Packaged in giftable box


All gold jewelry is custom-made per order and may make up to 3 weeks to ship. Gold jewelry is not returnable.

Recycled bronze is treated and sealed to lessen tarnishing and skin discolouration.


Inches: 0.125 thick
Metric: 3.2 mm thick

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