Dandelion Botanical Ring

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Often times our most wonderful discoveries are merely the recognition of what is before us – and in this case under foot! Our botanical jewelry collection was inspired by our unearthing of the usefulness of invasive weeds and pays homage to its winged cultivator.

DANDELION (taraxacum)
origin: Europe and America
edible notes: Whole plant edible, roots powdered, leaf bitter, flower sweet with bitter bracts
nutrition: Vitamins C, beta carotene, calcium and iron
in season: All year
medicinal use: Health tonic for liver and digestion, diuretic

“Mama, Mama! Make a wish!”

And I do. I am never bored by this enchanting act, and in its simplicity, I have faith in the fruition of each wish…

The golden dandelion has endured for centuries. It was originally brought to the Colonies by the English – intentionally – for its medicinal and culinary use. There was a time when grass was cleared for this honored migrant, but now the opposite is true. Dandelions have been used all over the world in a plethora of remedies and recipes, and have only recently been dismissed as a weed.

- Recycled metal
- Botanical illustration engraved into the metal
- Intaglio engraving makes excellent wax seal
- 3 metal choices available
- Giftable letterpressed packaging with a polishing cloth


Recycled bronze is treated and sealed to prevent tarnishing and skin discolouration.


Inches: Approximately 1/4″ tall by 3/8″ wide
Metric: Approximately 13 mm tall by 9.5 mm wide

Ring Band:
Inches: Approximately 1/8″ thick
Metric: Approximately 3 mm thick

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